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Pre-1931 Photos










In the 1880s the Warren Armory, (on Jefferson St.)   hosted basketball, boxing, ping pong, a play in which a race horse starred, roller polo, target shooting, skating and walking. One published book says that roller polo was 'the sport' in New England in 1885.













Warren Inter-State League Champs 1908-1909,, Seated: William (Beany) Ryan, William (Biddy) Smith, Joe Wylie, Joe St.Peter. Standing: Charlie Kelley, Jack Simister, Curt Chappelle, Howie Martin, Fred LaFlamme, Jim Lonergan, Jim Parks












1909 Warren Inter-State League Champs
Bottom: Unknown, Joe Foley, Howie Martin, Biddy Smith, Beany Ryan, Fred LaFlamme. Middle: Jim Parks, Jim Lonergan, Joe Wylie, Unknown, Charlie Kelley, Unknown, Jack Simister, Unknown. Top: John McPike, John Simister, Sr.






























1909 Warren Baseball Club. Winners of the Inter-State League Pennant. Supplement to the Warren and Barrington Gazette Sept. 17, 1909






Warren Baseball Club 1910 Bottom Row: Herman (Manny) Heuberger, William (Biddy) Smith, Curt Chappelle, Jim Parks, Jack Simister. Back row: Joe St. Peter, Howie Martin, Joe Wylie, Fred LaFlamme, Beany Ryan, Jim Lonergan, Unknown.









1910 Silk Hats/Warren Shoe Baseball Team that replaced a losing Inter-City League squad and won all nine games that they played. Top Row: Charlie Kelley, Barry, Jim Parks, Aiken, Howie Martin, Jack Simister, Beany Ryan and Biddy Smith. Middle Row: Joe Wiley and Lee. Front row: Wardwell, Brightman, Curt Chappelle, St. Onge, and scorer M. Turner.




























Warren Manufacturing League Champs 1912 Top row: Joe Wiley, Joe Rockett, Curt Chappelle, William (Beany) Ryan, Jack Simister, Howie Martin, Jim Parks. Middle Row: Fred LaFlamme, Walt Beauregard, Donat Fortier. Bottom row: Edward Conrick, William Beauregard, Red Downs, Joe St.Peter and Herman (Manny) Heuberger.












Jack Simister, J & P Coats, Providence Amateur League c. 1920



















1922 Knights of Columbus Warren Twilight League Champs Front Row: Al Ratier, John Conley, Fred Jannitto, Arthur Sampson, Ed Conrick, Henry Howland. Back Row: Ed Maquire, William (Biddy) Smith, William (Beans) Baker, Russ Graham, Richard Howland.











1920s Circle Jacques Cartier Baseball Team Bottom row: Unknown, Joe Gladue, Albert Fortier, George Fortier. Middle row: Unknown, Gene Sevigny, Donat Arel, Bill Emmett. Top row: Manager Leger Desilets, Donat Fortier, Donat Asselin, Albert Blouin

















1920s Chit Beauregard batting at the Piggery on Franklin Street in Warren.



















Post Office Basketball Team 1920s
Sitting: John Conley, Ray Lombardi, Ed Conrick. Standing: Al Picard, Elmer Lother, Henry McMurray and Mike Splain















1920s Lizzie Murphy, first woman to play baseball against Major Leaguers
























1920s Post Office Baseball Bottom row: Jack Campbell, Ed Conrick, Ray Lombardi, Herb McKenzie. Top row: John Krawczyk, Russ Graham, Jake Healey, John Conley, Postmaster Elmer Lother















1921 Gabby Hartnett went three for four, as Warren downed Bristol in the fifth and deciding game of the 1921 Little World Series. He joined the Chicago Cubs in 1922, played in the major leagues for twenty years, and is now a member of Baseball's National Hall of Fame.
























1922 Boston Globe caricature of McCarthy Benefit Game where Lizzie Murphy played with a team of American League All-Stars against the Boston Red Sox. All-Stars won game 3-2.



















1923 "Lizzie Murphy" Accepted as one of the boys by fellow members of the All Stars--- Demonstrates Skill on Diamond -- $300 a week. Lizzie Murphy of Warren R.I. first bagger on Carr's All-Stars is the attraction when that snappy team gets into action. This was the headline and caption in the Boston Traveler, August 25, 1923.
















1923-1925 Independents Twilight Baseball League Champions.
Standing: Harvey Gladue, Frenchy Proulx, Jack Simister, George Fitting and Romeo Asselin. Sitting: Donat Lanoue, Donat Arel, Bill Emmett, Bill Riopel, Al Regnere, and Jake Riopel. Kneeling is batboy Hormidas Riopel.













1924-1925 Warren High School Girls Basketball. Standing Florence Delekta, unidentified, Constance Whitman, unidentified coach, Jane DeWolf, unidentified, Dorothy Delano. Seated in middle: Lena Pare, Gladys Mickle, unidentified, unidentified and unidentified. Seated on floor: Louise Cutler and Majorie Hoar. Other players may include Marcia Ainsworth, Doris Sipple and Fanny Smith.











Warren High School Boys Basketball 1925-1926. Standing: Pete Vitecha, Richard Maxwell, Bob Hunt, Unknown, Joe Muccino, Joe McCann, Al Mercier. Seated: Julio Medeiros, Terry Martin, Art (Red) Kilroy, Eddie Steenstra.












Warren High School vs. Sullivan's All-Stars. Game played in Warren on May 6, 1926.
















1926 Eddie Steenstra, Warren High School Basketball star. (Eddie is student on left.) We have no idea what the bucket and shovel were
used for.
























Warren High School Boys Basketball 1926-1927 Bristol County Champions. Standing: Angelo Pannone, Coach Jim Sullivan, Pete Vitecha, Lou Bernardo, Jake Healey, Arthur Jannitto, Al Mercier. Seated: Richmond Maxwell, Art (Red) Kilroy, Bob Hunt, Joe McCann, Charlie Burdge.















1927 Natale Andreozzi of Warren, winner of 10 mile race and first R.I. man to finish.

























Warren High School Class B Basketball Champions 1929 Seated: Coach Jim Sullivan, Al Mercier, Al Vitullo, Manager Bickford Martin Standing: Leo Crowe, Sheik Dallaire, Charlie Burdge, Tom O'Brien, Louis Bernardo





























1929 American Legion State Runnersup
Front: Hoot McCanna, John Vitecha, Jack Hanley, Pony Millard, Capt. Sheik Dallaire, Tom O'Brien and Ed Luther.
Back: Bonner, Frank Polak, John Makara, Norman DeBlois, Ferrara, Horse Millard, Lefty Polak



























1930 American Legion State Runnersup
Standing: Mack Dyman, Charlie McCanna, John Makara, Frank Polak, Horse Millard, Lefty Polak
Kneeling: Keys Larivee, Leo Lapane, John Vitecha, Poissant, Poissant, Fish and Eddie Delekta.
Sitting: Pony Millard, Duke Abbruzzi







































1930 Warren High School Basketball Team
Front Row: Warren MacDougall (blurred), Fred Vitullo, Edward Keegan, Charles Millard, John D. Hanley, Charles McCanna, Casimir Hanatow and Bennie Cordas. Back Row: Coach Allan Drugan, Unknown, John Makara, Charles Hunt, Gabriel Ferrazanno and Emile Cloutier