Warren Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet Albums


Annually held at the Venus de Milo Restaurant


2015 Hall of Fame Banquet Pictures









 2015 Warren Athletic Hall of Fame Induction List



















 2015 Induction Class












 Inducted Team: Family Representatives of  the 1935 Warren High School Class C Football Champions












 Warren Town Council President Joe Depasquale













 Committee Member Charlie Francis and Athlete Inductee Ron Araujo
















 Committee Member (2010 Coach Inductee) Al Sweet and Athlete Inductee Gina Calenda






















 Committee Chairman (2001 Contributor Inductee) Jack Flynn and Athlete Inductee Greg Cirillo













 Phyllis Abbruzzi Award Inductee and Committee Secretary/Treasurer Martha Delekta
















 Committee Member Gary Martins and Athlete Inductee Lori Francis-Lowney
























 Accepting Contributor Inductee for the late Joseph Albert Jamiel are three of his sons, Doug Jamiel, 1998 Athlete Inductee JoJo Jamiel and 2001 Athlete Inductee Tut Jamiel














  Committee Member (1999 Athlete Inductee) Beth Penkala and Athlete Inductee Paul Morris














 Athlete Inductee Thomas Principe III

















 Accepting Old Timer Induction for their late father  Joe Tavares were his sons, John and David Tavares























 Committee Member (1999 Athlete Inductee) Beth Penkala and Coach Inductee Roy Borges















 Committee Member Matt Andreozzi and Marie Leath, accepting Old Timer Induction for her late father  (and Matt's granduncle)  Natale Andreozzi