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1970 - 1989 Archive Photos








1970 Warren High School wrestlers who were members of the undefeated Suburban East Champions. Standing: Ed McDonald, Bob Rutkiewicz, Dan Devine, Gordon Kee, and Romeo Lombardi. Kneeling: Bob Pray and Hall of Famer Mike Marino.














1970 Warren High School Class C semi-final playoff game at Providence College's Alumni Hall. Mike Delekta (Athlete Inductee 2000) soars for two of his 32 points in a losing effort against Bristol. Mike was the first Bristol County player to average twenty or more points in three consecutive seasons.















1970 Warren High School's first girls track team














1970 Warren High School Baseball team; Front row:  Ray Monast, Joe Magee, Steve Quintin, Mike Delekta, Mike Merolla, Al Sweet, Mike Amaral, Alan Thivierge, unidentified and Dennis Blackledge. Middle row: T.Polak, Frank Alfano, Steve Rutkiewicz, P. Beauparlant, Mike Marino, Bob Rutkiewicz, Assistant Coach Pat Abbruzzi, Coach Steve Thornton. Back row: John Silva, Charles Drainville, Walter Felag, Hugh Jackson, H. Gerard, Ken Wightman, Joe Patenaude, Manager Frank DiGogia.  (Abbruzzi, Delekta, Felag, Marino, Merolla and Sweet are individual members of the Hall of Fame).












1970 Warren Little League Opening Day in a moment of silence for Ed Barry (Coach Inductee 2002) who coached the Red Sox at one time.

















1970 Councilman Jack Flynn (Contributor Inductee 2001) bunts first pitch of season hurled by Council President Paul Harvey (Athlete Inductee 1999). Umpire (and Councilman) Alexander "Sam" Vitullo stands behind Harvey. Opening Day May 24, 1970




















 1970 Babe Asselin, former Warren High School janitor and Hall of Famer (Old Timer Inductee 2007), appeared  at a Redskins football game.


















1970 Midget Football
Cheerleader (seated) Janice Sousa, Cheerleaders Judy Heaney, Nancy Burns, Laurie Whalen, Cindy Lawrence, Karen Cabral and Leslie Swift. Second row: Players Scott Pattie, Doug Jamiel, Jim Almeida, Buzzy Valadao, John Neves, Pete Primiano, Nick Massed, Jim Mendoza and Tom Almeida. Third row: Vin Calenda, Wayne LaChance, JoJo Jamiel, Dave St. Ours, Bruce Fortin, Dave Booth, Pete Thivierge and Chuck Connolly. Fourth Row: Assistant Coaches Andy Vollaro and Jim Sousa, Bob Galinelli, Larry McPhillips, Rick Alves, Steve Vargas, Gary Lavey, John Howell, Jim Corvell and Coach Nick Massa. (Cabral, LaChance, Lavey, JoJo Jamiel, Coach Massa, Massed, McPhillips and Thivierge are individual members of the Hall of Fame.)













1970 Midget Football League Awards Dinner. Gerry Pelletier presented an appreciation trophy to Hall of Famer Bill Willis (Contributor Inductee 2000) for eleven years of service to Warren youngsters.  Sam Hutchison (Coach Inductee 2005) and Nick Massa (Coach Inductee 2007) look on approvingly.




















1970 Little League Final Standings with Sponsors and League Officers





















1971 Rhode Island Summer Soccer League Blue Bombers:
Front Row: Tony Casimiro, Tony Martins, Armenio Adaes, Joe Cannavaro, Larry Hindle, John Pimental, Ronnie Freitas and Chris Scanlon. Back: Bill Barry, Francis "Tut" Jamiel, Jay Barry, Fred Coelho, Art Smith, Butch Ferreira, Wally Felag, Charlie Drainville and Coach Jay Barry Sr.  (Jay Barry, Coach Barry, Felag, Jamiel and Pimental are individual members of the Hall of Fame)














 1971 Little League Batting Statistics
























1972 Duke Abbruzzi (Athlete Inductee 1998) was honored by R.I. Baseball Coaches Association. In 1971 Duke's wild card entry Rogers downed previously unbeaten Barrington (both were members of the Eastern Division) two games to one to win the State Championship.






















1972 Warren Little League Champions Senators. Standing: Coach Fred Jannitto, Jr., Mike Krawcyzk, Larry McPhillips (Athlete Inductee 2002), Fred Mello, Mike Sevigny, Michael Jannitto, George Barker. Kneeling: Ron Shears, Tom Carlson, Jay Carroll, Chris Jannitto, Joe Jannitto and Bill Francis.
















1972 Columbus Square Basketball.  Back row includes Doug Lanzire, Walt Norton, Doug Lanzier, Nick DeSisto, Bob Santos, Jim McCanna.  Front Row: Don Flanagan, Stan Gosselin, Bill Lavey, Butch Lombardi (Athlete Inductee 2005), Brian Mellor.

















1972 Men's Softball League Playoff Champions Hellew's Cafe. Left to right: Del Martin, Butch Lombardi, Lou Sullo, and holding league and playoff championship trophies Jim McMahon and Bob Venice.  Lombardi (Athlete Inductee 2005) Martin (Athlete Inductee 2017) and McMahon (Athlete Inductee 2011), are individual members of the Hall of Fame.

















1972 Tut Jamiel (Athlete Inductee 2001), Warren High School's All State fullback, blasts up the middle for a big gain. The 200-pound blockbuster gained almost 100 yards on the ground against the Bristol Colts.






















1972 Pop Warner Outstanding Scholar Athlete award was presented by Coach Nick Massa (Coach Inductee 2007) to Dave Lapre at the Midget Football League banquet at the Italo American Club.




















1972 Hall of Famers all, former Warren High All Staters Pat and Duke Abbruzzi (weren't they dapper dressers?), joined Jim McGeough, coach of the championship Warren High Football squads of 1933 and 1935, in honoring the Redskins'Undefeated Class C Champions. 

















1972 Warren High School State Suburban Wrestling Champions (13-0-1).  Back Row: Coach Tony Campagnone, General Manager Art Pacheco and Assistant Coach Mike Crane. Front Row: Tut Jamiel, Bob Rainey, John Rogers, Joe Billoti, Dave Kee, Nick Ferrara, John Francisco, Stan Ziobro, Jay Barry, Ray Ouellette, Jim Tavares and Jim Almeida.  (Barry, Jamiel, Ouellette, Rogers and Tavares are individual members of the Hall of Fame)













1973 Warren High School Girls State Track Champions. Front Row: Coach Ann Chandler Morris, Karen McCahey, June Figureid, Nancy Burns, Judy Heaney and Laurie Figureid. Back Row: Lauren Pelchat, Beth Penkala, Karen Cabral, Pam Oliver and Kathy O'Donnell. (Cabral, Laurie Figureid, McCahey, Coach Morris, Pelchat and Penkala are all individual members of the Hall of Fame.)














1973 Warren Soccer Team. State Summer League Champions. Front Row: John Constancia, Steve Lindo, John Pimental, Ray Ouellette, Herm Mello, Maurice Tributino, Tim Driscoll, and Bill Barry. Middle Row: Larry Hindle, Jay Barry, George Tributino, Herb Mello, Tut Jamiel, Armenio Adaes, Mark Jannitto and Joe Cannavaro. Third Row: Coach Jay Barry, Charlie Piper, Stan Ziobro, Tony Teixeira.  (Jay Barry, Coach Barry, Jamiel, Ouellette, Pimental are all individual members of the Hall of Fame.)














1973 Midget Football Pee Wee Cheerleaders. Kneeling: Pam Ernest, Julie Abbruzzi, Mary Abbruzzi, Co-Captain Tracy Lowney, Co-Captain Laura Nelson, Lee Ann Rebello, Laurie Moran, Pam Blais. Standing: Alice Booth, Lisa Cambrola, Sharon Howell, Terri Ferias, Dawn Swift, Bridgette King (Athlete Inductee 2012), Diane Luciano, Carole Angelone, Kim Paulhardt.













1974 Old Ironsides Softball. Front Row: Wayne Coelho, Stan Gosselin, Mert Caton, Butch Lombardi, Billy Almeida, Bob Venice, and Bob Saulnier. Back Row: Ken Medeiros, Aime D'Arcangelo, Del Martin, Jack Whalen, Paul Morissette, Roger Araujo, Jim McMahon, Lou Sullo, and Team Sponsor Pini Lamarca. Picture was taken after winning Nick Cariglia Tourney. (Araujo, Caton, Lombardi, Martin, McMahon, and  Medeiros are individual members of the Hall of Fame.













1974 Providence College Soccer Team Photo
Warren residents are Hall of Fame members Walter Felag and Jay Barry, Wally is in top row 5th from the right and Jay is in middle row 3rd from the right.


















1975 Warren High School  Gymnastics.  Seated: Pat O'Blenis, Paula Calderiso, Nancy Burns, Judy Heaney, Karen Cabral. Standing: Maureen Sousa, Jane Urban, Coach Ann Chandler Morris, Donna Garafa, Anne Hackley Missing: Kathy Alexander, Mary Ellen Annunziata, Cindy Banalewicz, Lori Francis and Bonnie O'Blenis. (Annunziata, Cabral, Francis, Hackley, Bonnie O'Blenis, Pat O'Blenis and Coach Morris are all individual members of the Hall of Fame.)












1975 Warren High Gymnastics State Champions. Bottom Row: Linda Coccio. First Row: Donna Aldcroft, Lori Francis, Joan Chaves, and Jane Urban. Second Row: Pat O'Blenis, Maureen Sousa, Kathy Alexander, Karen Cabral, Bonnie O'Blenis, Cindy Banalewicz and Cindy Moran. (Cabral, Francis, Bonnie O'Blenis and Pat O'Blenis are individual members of the Hall of Fame.)












1975 Warren High School Girls State Track Champions. Front Row: Mr. Figureid, Coach Ann Chandler Morris. Second Row: Beth Penkala, Lauren Pelchat, Nancy Burns, Cheryl Keyes and Judy Heaney.  Back Row: Debbie Luciano, Shirley Rose, Ann Hackley, Ginny Hindle and Ann Bullock. (Hackley, Pelchat, Penkala, Coach Morris, and Rose are all individual members of the Hall of Fame).














1975 Delekta's Softball.
Kneeling: Bill Briand, Al Sweet. Sitting: Mike Merolla, Frank Alfano, Gary Cooper Totten, obscured Steve Rutkiewicz. Standing: Paul Palumbo, Steve Wightman, Bill Perry, Steve Quintin, Doug Quintin, Mike Delekta, and Joe Saccocia. (Delekta, Merolla, and Sweet are all individual members of the Hall of Fame.)














1975 Warren High School Class B State Champions. Kneeling: Mike Godet, Mark Felag, John Chrupcala, Larry McPhillips, Joe Penkala, Dave Provuncher, Mike Huftalen and Mark Andreozzi. Middle Row: Dave Shears, Dave Lapre, Kevin LaRue, Wayne LaChance, Kevin Bissell, Joe Jamiel, Pete Annarummo, Jim Provuncher, Chuck Connolly, Ken Munroe, Eric Delekta and John Howell. Top Row: Steve Rogers, Bob Caizzi, Sean Lowney, Doug Jamiel, Phil Simmons, Coach Pat Abbruzzi, Assistant Coach Dave Booth, Lou Lamora, Mike Abbruzzi, Brian Casey and Pete Primiano. (Coach Abbruzzi, Scout Jack Flynn-not shown, Joe Jamiel, LaChance, McPhillips and Penkala are individual members of the Hall of Fame.)















1975 All State running back Joe Jamiel (Athlete Inductee 1998) receives a pitch back from quarterback Eric Delekta in an early season matchup against North Smithfield.













1975 All-State running back Joe Jamiel (Athlete Inductee 1998) led Warren High School to an unbeaten season.























1975 Joe Jamiel, Karyn McCahey, and Laurie Figureid earned All State designation in more than ten different sports seasons. All are individual members of the Hall of Fame.





















1976 Larry McPhillips (Athlete Inductee 2002) played football for both Warren High School and the University of Rhode Island. He was cited by Coach Pat Abbruzzi as one of the four best football linemen he ever coached.
























 1977 & 1978 All State Wrestler Bob Massa was inducted into the Hall of Fame as an Athlete in 2000.



















 1977  Little League Baseball Braves

















1977 Pop Warner Football Midgets State Runners-Up.

















1977 Pop Warner Football Pee Wees State Co-Champions.



















1980  Little League Baseball Yankees were coached by three Hall of Famers: John Jannitto; Wally Felag; and Mike Witherell.


















1981 Fall River Hockey League Champions Moe's Tap. Kneeling: Bill Palumbo, Joe Tavares, Chip Corvi, John Tallmadge, Paul Palumbo, and Wayne Mello. Standing: Alex Gastergini, Glenn Tiberis, Tom Marchand, John Costa, Mike Sevigny, Doug Quintin, Dave Trott, and Ken McPhillips.

















1981 DaPonte Brothers Furniture captured the Bristol Recreation Winter Basketball League title. Team members include Nick DeSisto, Al Sweet (Coach Inductee 2010), Walt Norton, Mike Delekta (Athlete Inductee 2000), Dave Giaria, and Steve Warner.















1982 Fall River Hockey League Champs Moe's Tap. Kneeling: Wayne Mello, Mike Sevigny, John Costa, Chip Corvi, John Tallmadge, Tom Marchand, and Joe Tavares. Standing: Walter Tavares, Glenn Tiberis, Ken McPhillips, Dave Trott, Paul Palumbo, Doug Quintin, John McGloin, and Bill Palumbo.














1982 Little League Baseball Yankees were coached by three Hall of Famers: Wally Felag; Mike Witherell and John Jannitto.

















1982 Pop Warner Pee Wees captured their third league title in four years. Bottom row: Jeremy St. John, Mark Aubin, David Francis, Matt Andreozzi, Billy Camara, Kenny Collins, Ryan Jackson. Second Row: Eugene Wallace, Keith Davidson, David Brule, Ken Medeiros, John DaCosta, Brian MacDougall. Top Row: Mike Dallaire, Scott Kopecky (Athlete Inductee 2005), Jason Powell, Tommy Monaco, Joe Penkala, John Genovese. Back Row: Assistant Coach Ed Little, Head Coach Joe Jackson, Assistant Coach Gary Kopecky.
















1983 Warren Men's Softball League Champions Repro-Stat. Front row: Sponsor Charlie Francis, Ken Mello, Betty Pevin (Team's No.1 fan), Bob Massa, Jay Moniz, Joe Catalfano and Chuck Connolly. Back row: Pete Thivierge, Bill Cabral, Steve Vargas, Walter Krychta, Joe Osmanski, Mike Morra, Dave LaBrecque and Jay Ferreira.  (Catalfano, Ferreira, Massa, and  Thivierge are individual members of the Hall of Fame.)

















1986 Linda Ferrara (Athlete Inductee 2001) high jumping at Penn Relays. Linda was the University of Rhode Island 1987 Holmes Award winner for excellence in athletics and academics.

















1986 Warren Little League Champions Yankees. Front Row: Donald Davidson, Richard Ferreira, Ray MacKenzie, Stanley Banalewicz, Steven Rodrigues, Eric Smith and Jason Almeida. Back Row: Coach John Jannitto, Coach Peter Jackson, Michael DeMello, John Rego, Chris Jackson, Paul Borges, Scott Mackenthun and Manager Wally Felag. Not pictured is Gilly Fernandes. (Coaches Felag and Jannitto are members of the Hall of Fame.)














1986 Warren Men's Softball League Champions Moe's Tap. Front Row: Norm Urban, Mike Sevigny, Scott Laroche, Tom "Moe" Marchand, Manager Bill Davock, and John Pimental. Back Row: Steve Lescault, Toby Merolla, Gary Girard, Jim Braz, Jack Whalen and Wally Felag. Not present are Joe Jannitto, Lou Marchand and J.P. Medeiros. (Felag, Laroche and Pimental are individual members of the Hall of Fame.)

















1987 Linda Ferrara (Athlete Inductee 2001) received the Holmes Award from URI for her excellence in athletics and academics.














1987 Warren Men's Softball League Champions Repro-Stat.  Back Row: Steve Vargas, Jay Ferreira, Glenn Conti, Mark Solomon, Bob Renard, Wayne LaChance, Mike Morra and Mark Arsenault. Front Row: Dave Lapre, Mark Beebe, Pete Thivierge, Pete Annarummo and Chuck Connolly. Sitting left is Dinah. Not present in photo are Walter Krychta and Steve Sluzewski. ( Ferreira, LaChance and Thivierge are individual members of the Hall of Fame.)













1989 CCRI Womens Basketball Hall of Famer Marybeth Mann (2009) was in back row fourth from left.