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1950 - 1969 Archive Photos








 1950 The Cariglias: Young (Slick) and the Old (Nick) Cariglia. Both Slick and Nick became Hall of Fame members in 1998.


























1950 Warren High School All State back Pat Abbruzzi (Athlete Inductee 1998).



























 1951 William "Harpo" Tavares (Athlete Inductee 1998) U.S. Army Baseball, Germany.





















 1952 Jim Barry (Athlete Inductee 1998), Class A Lima Ohio (This was the year Jim tried to emulate Chit Beauregard, trying to return to first base without touching second base; umpire called him out).




















 1952 Buzz Barry (Athlete Inductee 2000), Maine--New Brunswick Baseball League's second leading hitter while playing for Grand Falls.




















 1952 Little League Umpires. Kneeling: Cooney Oszajca, Bill Ryan, Abby Abbruzzi, Henry Correia and Maxie Nicpon. Standing: Unknown, Gil Mello, Umpire-in-Chief Manny Heuberger, Tom Rimoshytus and Leo Lapane. Not shown are John Abbruzzi, Les Burdge and Al Primiano.  Abby and John Abbruzzi,   Burdge, Correia, Heuberger and  Oszajca are all individual members of the Hall of Fame.














 1953 Pat Abbruzzi (Athlete Inductee 1998) Providence Journal Frank Lanning cartoon. Voted Rhode Island's Outstanding Italo-American athlete of 1953 (and also 1954).





















 1953 Warren High All-State Halfback Paul Harvey (Athlete Inductee 1999)

































 1954 URI's Pat Abbruzzi, (1998 Athlete Inductee) was named the Rhode Island Athlete of the Year; A year later he played for the Montreal Alouettes and was chosen as the Schenley Player of the Year in the  Canadian Football League.






















1955 Finally !!!





















 1955 Warren High School cheerleaders admired trophies captured by the Redskins sports teams. From left to right: Dolly Galuska, Bernie St.John, Shirley Camara, Pat Benedetti, Betty Primiano, Janice Moura and Ginny Hebert















1955 Frank Lanning caricature of Pat Abbruzzi (Athlete Inductee 1998) honoring his college career. Four time all-Yankee Conference football at University of Rhode Island, Little All American football, Rhode Island Athlete of the Year.















  1955 Eddie Higgins (Old Timer Inductee 2006), Warren Town Teams' manager in the 1920s and later U.S. Senator Theodore Francis Green's Administrative Assistant (Batting). John Conley, Twilight League Manager in 1920s and later Warren Postmaster (Catching).




















 1956 Babe Asselin (Old Timer Inductee 2007)















 1956 Ed Abrain (Contributor Inductee 2007) of Warren successfully stole third base but overslid the bag and was tagged out by St. Raphael's third baseman.













1956 Warren High School Eastern Division Baseball Co-Champions. Front Row: Coach Charlie Burdge, Harry Hutchison, Pete MacDougall, Fred Dyer, Ed Abrain, John Urban, Bill Coyne and Coach Donat Brochu. Middle Row: Mickey O'Brien, Ray Acciardo, Pete Rybka, Tom Rimoshytus, Jack Flynn and Russ Greenwood. Top Row: Dick DeBlois, John Vincent, George "Chico" Andrade, Bill Lach and Ron Araujo. Abrain, Andrade, Araujo, Brochu, Burdge, DeBlois, Flynn, and MacDougall are all individual members of Hall of Fame.














1956 George "Chico" Andrade (Athlete Inductee 2001) All State Warren High School


















1956 Warren High Eastern Division Baseball Co-Champions celebrate their victory at Bristol's White Rail Restaurant. Trophy is the Bristol County Three-Sport award that was also won by the Redskins. Kneeling: Howie Bowen (Manager), John Urban, Mickey O'Brien, Ed Abrain, Russ Greenwood, John Vincent. Standing: Ray Acciardo, Jack Flynn, Tom Rimoshytus, Bill Lach, Ron Araujo, Assistant Coach Donat Brochu, Captain Dick DeBlois, Coach Charlie Burdge, Pete Rybka, Harry Hutchison, Chico Andrade, Pete MacDougall. Abrain, Andrade, Araujo,  Brochu, Burdge, DeBlois, Flynn, and MacDougall are all individual members of Hall of Fame.












1956 Committee Co-Chairs Fred Jannitto, Sr. and Hilda Araujo, Coaches Charlie Burdge and Donat Brochu, and Principal Leo Boutin inspect jackets awarded to Warren High School's 1956 Eastern Division Baseball Co-Champs. Brochu, Burdge, and  Jannitto are all individual members of Hall of Fame.















1956 Warren High School Class C Football Co-Champions. Front row: Tom Lafortune (manager), Warren Proulx (co-captain), Pete MacDougall (co-captain), Dick DeBlois (co-captain), John Jannitto (manager). Second Row: Fred Dyer, Tiger Jannitto, Eddie Abrain, Chico Andrade, Bill Lach, Pete Rybka, Ray Acciardo, Jack MacGovern. Third Row: Coach Donat Brochu, Ollie MacDougall, Johnny Costa, Ralph Petrucci, Paul Aubin, Charlie MacDougall, Ed Terry, Jack Flynn (statistician), Coach Charlie Burdge. Back Row: Ray Rossi, Buckwheat Greenwood, Wayne Hebert, Tom Rimoshytus, Pete Andreozzi, Bud Jannitto, Steve Davis, Manny Menezes, Joe Finucci, George Gempp.  Abrain, Andrade, Andreozzi,  Brochu, Burdge, DeBlois, Flynn, John Jannitto, and Pete MacDougall are all individual members of Hall of Fame.














1956 Pat Bisceglia, Montreal Alouettes owner Leo Dunderand, Undefeated Heavyweight Champion Rocky Marciano, Pat Abbruzzi (Athlete Inductee 1998), George Brancato
















1957 Montreal Alouettes Coach Peahead Walker, Ted Williams, Pat Abbruzzi (Athlete Inductee 1998), Montreal Alouettes QB Sam Etcheverry
















1957 Little League Braves Team Picture Front Row: Dicky Silva, Alan Sousa, Roger Araujo, Billy Almeida, Al Huftalen, Jim McMahon, Billy Lapane, Russ Geoffrey, and Butch Lombardi. Second Row: Coach Donat Arel, Rod Lamarca, Walter Urban, Charlie Andrade, Dave Dallaire, Lee Swanson, and Manager Ed Silva.  Araujo, Arel, Lombardi, and McMahon are all individual members of the Hall of Fame.












1957 Company D National Guard State Basketball Champions. Standing: Doug Mitchell, Manny Barboza, Bob Smith, Ducky Berry, Serge Lamonde, Bill Willis, Richie Mello. Kneeling: Frank Costa, Ron Araujo, Roger Camara, Vic Rego, Bruce Martin. Araujo, Mello, and Willis are individual members of Hall of Fame.










1958 Youth Football League Inaugural Season. Eagles were one of four town teams who participated. Coaches were Richie Mello, Chico Andrade, Jack Flynn and Fred Dyer (not pictured). Standing: Augie Agostinho, Tommy Mellor, Paul Thivierge, Tony Damaso, Bill Lapane, Lou DiSalvo, Jim Palazio, Richie Mendoza, Steve Kozik, Ron Louro, unidentified, John Pompeii. Kneeling: Kenny Coelho, Bob Venice, Steve Sampson, Jim Glover, Wayne Coelho and Ray Damaso. Other players on team were: Richard Amaral, Dan Brassil, and Tom Drainville.  Andrade, Flynn, Mello, Mellor and Sampson are all individual members of the Hall of Fame.











1959 Football: Lions Midget Football League Champions. Front Row: Cheerleaders Helena Catalfano, Beth Hoxsie, Donna Saulnier, and Marilyn Clemente. Second Row: Billy Briand, Stanley Abbruzzi, John Maisano, Steve Polak, Angelo Marino, Jim Maisano, Roger Araujo, Denny Perreira, and John Knowles. Third Row: Gary Ayres, Matt Polak, Tom Lamora, Joey Sousa, Rusty Matrone, Jim McCanna, Aime D'Arcangelo, Sorzio Andreozzi, Rich Schauble, and Jerry Marino. Back Row: Coach Gal Lombardo, Coach Lou Annunziata, Team sponsor from Gob Shop, and Head Coach Joe Smuz. Not in picture was Coach John Burns. Araujo, Angelo Marino and Jerry Marino are individual members of the Hall of Fame.















1960 Dedication Flyer Warren High School Athletic Field. Picture shows Veterans' Memorial Gates.




















1960 Providence Journal cartoon. The townspeople of Warren honored Charlie Burdge (Athlete Inductee 1998) on his 50th birthday and his 25th anniversary as Warren High Coach and Athletic Director.
















1960 Rough and Ready Fire Department Baseball Team.  Front Row: Lefty Greenwood, Manager Richard Kaiser, Robert McNeil, Amos Lamora, Jerry Marino, Paul DeMello, Hank Pimental and Walter "Zip" Urban. Second Row: Serge Lemonde, Wayne Coelho, Amon Jamiel, Donat Fournier, Will Correia and Joseph Sousa.  Greenwood, Marino and Urban are individual Hall of Fame members.












1960 Pop Warner Football Giants: Holding sign; Jimmy MacDougall. Front Row: Jim McNeil, O'Donnell, unknown, unknown, Fred Sampson, Bob Valente, Bill Jackson, unknown.  Back Row:  Skip Scott, Bill Correia, Ed Terry, Amie Lamora, Dan Powell, Bernie Alderson, unknown, Bob McNeil, Ray Sayez




















1960s Jimmy King (Athete Inductee 2002) was one of the top drag racers in the nation and his best times are still ranked among the country's fastest in both the Funny Car and Dragster categories. Shown here is the centerfold picture in "Popular Hot Rod" magazine.




















1961 Little League Yankees
Front Row: Steve Sampson, Bruce Correia, Roger Mercier, Joe Magee. Second Row: Jim McNeil, Dave Sylvaria, Tom Drainville, Art Ferias, Dave Bullock, Tom Goulet. Back Row: Manager Ditty Drainville, Mike Snitzer, Angelo Marino, Manny Cunard, Ed Terry, Coach Louis Sampson. Drainville, Marino and Sampson are individual members of the Hall of Fame.











1961 Mary V. Quirk School Football. Front Row: Jimmy Head, Paul MacDougall, Bob Larivee, Mert Caton, Paul DeMello, Jim Dutelle, Terry Babbitt, Lester DeRiso, John Salamon. Second Row: Ken Pattie (standing), Armand Simard, Jon Davis, Charlie Burdge, Angelo Marino, Jim MacDougall, Dave DeBlois, Jim Correia, Richard Rodriques, Steve Alfano. Third Row: Louis DiSalvo and Gus Alves (standing), Dan McNeil, Tom Drainville, Jim McCanna, Bill Burdge, Jim McNeil, Tom Zbyszewski and unidentified. Top Row: Ron Louro, Bob Brochu, Ken Frates, Butch Cunard, Sonny Sousa, George Smith, Tom Perrotto, Doug Miranda, Coach Ray Carr, Coach Dick Humphreys and Athletic Director Charlie Burdge. Brochu, Charlie Burdge, Caton, and Marino are members of the Hall of Fame.












1961 Warren High School Class C Basketball Champions; First Row: Norm O'Brien, Coach Nick Cariglia, John McMahon Second Row: Duck Ramsden, Rick Bettencourt, Ted Almada. Cariglia and Ramsden are individual members of the Hall of Fame.















1961 Al Davidson (first roommate of Babe Ruth in minor leagues, Dartmouth College, pitching star of deciding game of 1921 Warren-Bristol Little World Series) along with Jay Barry and William "Beany" Ryan Sr.  All three are individual members of the Warren Athletic Hall of Fame.













1963 New England CYO Champions, St. Pius Circle Kneeling: John Dolan, Sonny Sousa, Richard "Dick" Silva, Richard "Kutch" Hamel, Getchell, Tom Lamora, Bob Larivee and Homer Parent. Standing: Middle three people are Tom Mellor, Coach Bill Willis and Herb Mondina. Mellor and Willis are individual members of the Hall of Fame.












1963 Ground breaking ceremony for Warren High School Field press box. Pictured: Margaret Andreozzi, Jeannette Perron, Vi Abbruzzi, Supt. Gene Melville, Pat Abbruzzi, Lester Burdge, Warren MacDougall, Herm Grabert, Jay Barry, Principal Tom Roche, Dr. Donald Baxter, Charlie Burdge and Bill O'Brien. Pat  Abbruzzi, Barry, Baxter, Charlie Burdge, and Lester Burdge are individual members of the Hall of Fame.














1964 Warren Midget Football League: Front page of Awards Program
















1964 Mary V. Quirk Football Team:  First Row: Paul Silva, Jim Salamon, unknown, Mike MacDougall, Ken Kinney, Chipper St. John, Butch Andreozzi, Dan McNeil, Bill Burdge, Steve Alfano, Bob Alderson, Stan Gosselin, Paul Palumbo, Jim Bocchino and Jim Beck.  Second Row: Coach Rich Travers, Joe Patnaude, Steve Sousa, Steve Dinges, Jim Dutelle, Angie Marino, Ed Carreira, Jim McNeil, Jim MacDougall, Brian Mellor, John Davis, Charlie Burdge and Billy Hunt. Kinney, and Marino are individual Hall of Fame members.















1964 Midget Football Redskins. Kneeling: Arnie Huftalen, Punky Johnson, Bob Cembrola, Paul Almeida, Richie Sampson, Hugh Jackson, Mike Annunziata, John Braz. Standing players: Allan Sampson, Mark Vincent, Billy Willis, Jimmy Lewis, Terry St. John, John Nolan, Joey Braz, John Silva. Standing in back: Assistant Coach Joe Braz and Coach Bill Willis who was inducted as Contributor in 2000.












1964 Warren Alumni and Booster press box/concession stand. Lil DeBlois, Bob Hoxsie, Les Burdge, Jeannette Perron, Fritz Gempp, Rose McMahon, Beth Hoxsie, Jack Flynn, Vi Abbruzzi.  Burdge, DeBlois and Flynn are individual members of the Hall of Fame.















1965 Brown Club of Rhode Island awarded Warren High School Class C Eastern Football Champions a plaque at awards dinner. Pictured: Team Captain Gerald Marino, Brown Club Executive secretary John Barry, Coach Pat Abbruzzi, and Athletic Director Charlie Burdge. All four are individual members of the Hall of Fame.


















1965 Warren Little League Awards night. Pictured: Charlie Francis, outstanding boy Michael Amaral, Manager Bill Willis, and Little League President Fred Jannitto. Jannitto and Willis are individual members of the Hall of Fame.
















1965 Jerry Marino (Athlete Inductee 1998). In 1936 Donat Brochu was named Providence Journal Honor Roll Boy runner-up (Journal stopped naming runners-up soon thereafter). Jerry is the only Warrenite ever named Providence Journal Honor Roll boy or girl. 













1965 Midget Football Lions. Seated: Russell Huftalen, Nick Jamiel. Kneeling: Chris Cariglia, George Huftalen, Willie Gempp, Russell Lemoi, Dave Lamarca, Richard Perrotto, Tommy Correia, Ed Carreiro, Albert Sweet, Jon Ernest. Standing: Charlie McPhillips, Jack Whalen, Richard Smith, Steve Sousa, Steve Turcotte, John Sampson, Michael Amaral, Dennis Proulx, Asst. Coach Ray Rossi, Head Coach Sam Hutchison. Hutchison, Lamarca, and Sweet are individual members of the Hall of Fame.












1965 Midget Football Giants. Kneeling Raymond Goddy, Bruce Davis, David Holbrook, Lenny Marino, Brian Remy, Robert Morris, Richard Saulnier, Bruce Goes.  Kneeling: Alfred Cabral, Dwight Primiano. Back Row: Coach Ray Seyez, Thomas Roche, Jim Alfano, Michael Holbrook, Henry Girard, Rick Hamilton, Michael Mello, Frank Alfano, Coach Charlie Francis.











1966  Mary V. Quirk Basketball. Front Row Kneeling: Edward Cyr, Albert Sweet, Mike Delekta, Steve Sampson, William Willis, and Paul Palumbo. Standing Back Row: Coach Joseph Keenan, Doug Bernard, Joe Smith, Richard Soares, William Perry and managers Steve Santoro and Wayne Lial.  Not in picture John Nolan and Michael MacDaougall.   Delekta, Sweet and Sampson are individual members of the Hall of Fame.

















1966 Co-captain Angelo Marino (Athlete Inductee 2000). Warren High 1966 Class D Football Co-Champions All State tackle



















1967 Little League All-Stars: Back Row: Coach Donat Arel, Tavares, Tut Jamiel, unknown, Bob Proulx, unknown, Dave Lamarca and Nick Jamiel.  Front Row: Joe Cabral, unknown, John Braz, unknown, Jay Barry, Ed Sevigny and John Murphy.  Arel, Barry, Tut Jamiel, Lamarca Murphy and Proulx are  individual members of the Hall of Fame.












 1967 Warren High School Football Defense. Front Row: Mike MacDougall, Steve Dinges, Jim Bocchino, John Davis, Bill Burdge, Angie Marino and Jim Dutelle.  Back Row: Ji, McNeil, Jim MacDougall, Mert Caton and Stan Gosselin.  Caton and Marino are Hall of Fame members.

















1968 Wrestling Co-Captains Jim Bocchino and Ken Kinney (Athlete Inductee 2012) with Coach Cappuccilli in center.





















1968 Warren Indoor Youth Soccer League, Rhode Island's first and possibly the nation's first Indoor Youth soccer program



















1968 Indoor Soccer Clippers Peewee: Back Row: Coach Fred Jannitto, Jim Tavares, Eric Delekta, Russ Robinson, Mike Sevigny and Assistant Coach Ray Giblin. Front Row: Dave St. Ours, John Murphy, Don Venice, Joe Jannitto, Dan Bryden, Mike Jannitto.  Murphy is an individual member of the Hall of Fame.




















 1968 Indoor Soccer Hotspurs Junior Division Third Place: Back Row: Coach and League founder Father Nick Smith, Kevin Totten, John Braz, Antone Rodrigues, Kevin Casey.  Front Row:  Ed Sevigny, Robert O'Connell, JoJo Jamiel (Athlete Inductee 1998), Jim Mendoza.




















1968 Indoor Soccer Jolly Rogers Junior Division: Back Row:  Assistant Coach Jim Carroll, John Value, Tut Jamiel, William Tavares, Ed Sevigny, Coach Jay Barry. Front Row: R. O'Connell, Jim Murphy, Jay Barry, Bill Barry and John Niewodowski.  Jay Barry, Tut Jamiel, and Coach Jay Barry are all individual members of Hall of Fame.




















1968 Indor Soccer Panthers Peewee Division: Back row:  Coach Mike Annunziata, Ian Glazzard, Paul Bryant, George Hickey, Ken Smith, Paul Doherty and Coach Mal Glazzard. Front Row: John Smith, Pete Thivierge (Athlete Inductee 2014), Chris Glazzard, Dick Rowland and Ray Dutelle. 



















1968 Indoor Soccer Spoilers Peewee Division: Back Row: Coach Joe Mendoza, Steve Rogers, Mike Krawczyk, Geoff Jamiel, Matt Brown Coach Tony DaPonte. Front Row: Doug Jamiel, JoJo Jamiel, Jim Mendoza, Steve Rapoza, Stan Ziobro.  JoJo Jamiel (Athlete) and Tony Daponte (Coach) are individual Hall of Fame members.
















 1968 Indoor Soccer Red Barons. Back Row: Pete Thivierge, Bob Proulx, William Tavares, Jay Carroll and Larry Gempp.  Front Row: Rick Netto, Jim Tavares, Vin Calenda, Paul Sevigny and Nick Massed.   Massed, Proulx and Thivierge are all individual members of the Hall of Fame.
























1968 Indoor Soccer Warriors Junior Division:  Back Row: Assistant Coach Frank Coen,  Bill Pacheco, Russ Patneaude, Bill Marchand,  Steve Hamel, Jim Keyes and Coach Jack Keegan. Front Row: Kevin Keegan, Nick Jamiel, Jack Whalen and Jim Thorpe. Jack Keegan was inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Contributor in 2016.






















1969 Warren High School Baseball: Front Row: Alan Thivierge, Mike O'Neil, Mike D'Agostino, Richie Damaso, Dennis Blackledge, Ed MacDonald.  Back Row: Billy Blinn, Joe Magee, Billy Burdge, Mike McCarthy, Bob Castigliego, Joe Smith, Paul Palumbo, Coach Charlie Burdge.   Burdge (1998 Athlete) is an individual member of the Hall of Fame.





















1969  Indoor Soccer Red Barons Junior Division Fourth Place: Back Row: Coach John McGilliray, Doug Quintin, Ray Ouellette, Nick Ferrara, Ray Cabral, John McGillray, Coach John Jannitto.  Front Row: Edmund Carreiro, Nick Delekta, Steve Krawcyzk, Joe Robinson, Steve D'Albergaria, Rick Netto and Dick O'Connell.  Ouellette (Athlete) and Jannitto (Coach) are individual  Hall of Fame members. 



















1969 Indoor Soccer Wanderers Peewee Division:  Back Row: Coach Joe Collins,  Walter Krypta, Brian Casey, Steve Collins, R. O'Connell, Dennis Ingram, Ron Oliver and David Booth.  Front Row: Ed Connor, Paul Tavares, Kevin Ferias, Jonathan Greene, Mike Booth and Vincent Collins. Kevin Ferias is an individual member of the Hall of Fame.

















1969 Schoolboy Indoor Soccer League Champion Clippers. Front row: Brian White, Michael Booth, James White, Mark Felag, David Lanoue. Second Row: Coach Charles Greene, James Calenda, Jonathon Greene, Eric Delekta, Russell Robinson, Michael Sevigny and Coach Raymond Giblin.
















1969 Little League All-Stars: Back Row:  Coach Paul Thivierge, Dave Mendes, Steve Vargas, Cooper Totten, T.R. Rimosydis, Don Venice, Fred Medeiros and Frank Raposa. Front Row: Don Bouchard, John Smith, Steve Lescault, Steve Silva, Jay Moniz, Dave Gardner and Gordon Simard.



















 1969 Little League Champion RedSox: Back Coach Paul Thivierge Third Row:  Dave Mendes, Jay Ferreira, Don Bouchard, Charles Connolly, Gordon Simard.  Second Row: Vin Calenda, Stan Ziobro, JoJo Jamiel, Jay Moniz. Front Row: Doug Jamiel, Mike Twindell, Scott Trombley and Dave Patterson.  Ferreira (Contributor) and JoJo Jamiel (Athlete) are individual Hall of Fame members.