1905-1916 Silk Hats

1922 Little World Series

1929 WHS Basketball

1933 WHS Football

1935 WHS Football

1936 WHS Baseball

1936 WHS Football

1937 Warren Wanderers Football

 1939 WHS Baseball

1940 WHS Baseball

1945 WHS Baseball

1946 WHS Baseball

1949 American Legion Baseball



Warren Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 1998

Team Inductions


2017 Inductees


1955 WHS Football 

1956 WHS Football

1959-1960 National Guard Rifle

1970 WHS Wrestling

  1972 WHS Football

1974 WHS Girls Track

1974 WHS Boys Soccer

1975 WHS Football

1975 WHS Gymnastics

1979 WHS Football

1988 WHS Girls Basketball

2000 MtHope Gymnastics






























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