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James "Shoes" Abbruzzi

 John Abbruzzi

 Louis "Duke" Abbruzzi

 Mario "Abby" Abbruzzi

 Pasquale "Pat" Abbruzzi

  Gabe Accardi

 George "Chico" Andrade

Peter P. Andreozzi

Roger Araujo



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Warren Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 1998



2017 Inductees


Ron Araujo

Peter W. Babbitt

Cara Baptista Golson

 James "Jim" Barry

John "Jay" V.  Barry

 Robert "Buzz" Barry

 Cheryl Silva Bayuk

Marge Bellisle

Pamela Betres

Karen Cabral Booth





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 Paul Boulanger

 Roland "Ace" Boulanger

 Donat Brochu

 Robert Brochu

 Charles Burdge

Lester "Les" Burdge

Jonathan Burke







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