Warren Athletic Hall of Fame

Warren/Bristol Little World Series

Those players who have been inducted into either the Warren or Bristol Athletic Halls of Fame are identified by an asterisk (*).

Extra Base Hit Leaders:

Home runs:

   *Lefty Greenwood (W)                       2

   *Jack Simister (W)                             2


   *Lefty Greenwood (W)                       6

   *Nick Cariglia (W)                              4

     Alec Fish (W)                                     4

    *Abby Abbruzzi (W)                           3

    *Chit Beauregard (W)                       3

    *Leo Sevigny (W)                              3


   *Jack Simister (W)                           16

   *Lefty Greenwood (W)                     12

   *Bill Bottomley (B)                             8

   *Leo Sevigny (W)                               8

   *Chit Beauregard (W)                        7

   *Fred LaFlamme (W)                          6

    *Honey Menard (B)                           6

    Eddy Garvin (B)                                 5

    Elmer Rische (B)                               5

    *Frank Sousa (B)                               5

    Fred Van Almkerk (B)                       5

Five (5) hits in a single game:

    Joe Barry (B)

    *Chit Beauregard (W)

    *Abby Abbruzzi (W)

Four (4) hits in a single game:

    *Duke Abbruzzi (W)

    *Bill Baker (B) (twice)

    *Chit Beauregard (W)

    *Bill Bottomley (B) (twice)

     Bill Emmett (B)

     J. F. Galvin (B)

    *Lefty Greenwood (W)

    Olaf Henriksen (W, Boston Red Sox)

   *Eber Hill (B)

   *Fred LaFlamme (W) (twice)

   *Frank Mello (W) (twice)

    Ed Murphy (B)

   *Baker Perry (B)

   *Jack Simister (W) (twice)

     Ben Smusz (W)

   *Frank Sousa (B) (twice)

    Andy Woehr (W, Philadelphia Phillies)


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