March 31, 2018


                       Warren Athletic Hall of Fame to Induct Class of 2018



The Warren Athletic Hall of Fame today announced the eleven individual members of its Class of 2018.  The five athletes, one coach, two contributors, and two old timers will join  the 1895 Warren Little World Series Baseball team, the 1947 Warren High School Class C Baseball Champions, 1956 Warren High School Baseball Eastern Division Champions and the 1961 Warren High School Class C Basketball Champions.  The inductees will be honored at the Hall of Fame’s annual banquet that will be held at Swansea’s Venus de Milo Restaurant on Saturday, April 14 2018.


The Athletic Category inductees includes Sheila Murphy Buckley, Gil Costa, Mike Marolla, Caleb Neves, and Michael Patriaca.   Inductee Chris Drance in the Coaches Category will also be accompanied by two inductees in the Contributor Category Charlie Francis and Father Nick Smith, Two Old Timers inductees Pat Barba and Alec Fish, and Phyllis Abbruzzi Award Inductee Chief Massasoit.



Tickets at $40 for adults and $15 for children ( 12 years old and under ) may be purchased by calling Martha Delekta at 245-1361. 

 Tickets may also be purchased by contacting other members of the  Hall of Fame Committee.


Ted Abrain 245-0468                        Jay Barry 245-2289                

Jay Ferreira 245-8763                      Jack Flynn 245-7687                                           

Diane Gempp 246-1413                    John Jannitto 245-6838                       Butch Lombardi 247-0007      

Gary Martins 1-508-336-4346         Jim McMahon 245-2354                      Mary Oliver 245-6749              

Al Sweet 245-3413                            Charlie Francis 245-7888                    Beth Penkala  245-4560