1956 Warren High School Baseball Eastern Division Champs  (Class of 2018), (Current Era Team)

In 1956 the Eastern Division combined Class C Warren, Bristol, and Barrington with Classes A or B De La Salle, Pawtucket East and West, Rogers, and St. Raphael-not exactly a level playing field. Late season wins-one on a squeaker over St. Ray’s, the product of Bill Lach’s two run single in the 9th, and a victory over the 3rd place Bristol Colts propelled the Warren 9 to a co-championship with the St Raphael squad. In the playoffs Warren (channeling the 1940’s Hitless Wonders as the team only batted .207) lost to Warwick Vets-the team that would eventually win the state title. The 1956 team would eventually place 8 members in the Warren Athletic Hall of Fame; Coaches Charlie Burdge and Donat Brochu, players Ed Abrain, Chico Andrade (All State), Ron Araujo, captain Dick DeBlois, Jack Flynn, and Pete MacDougall. Other team members were Russ Greenwood, Harry Hutchison, Bill Lach, John Vincent, Ray Acciardo, Bill Coyne, Fred Dyer, Mickey O’Brien, Tom Rymoshytus, and John Urban.



Picture from Hall of Fame archives