JOHN A. ROGERS JR.  (Athlete, Class of 2016)





Wrestling came on the scene at Warren High School in the early 1960s. First formed as a club sport, it gained in popularity and, by the mid-60s, became a sanctioned sport at Warren High School. Kids flocked to the wrestling program. It soon surpassed basketball as the most popular winter sport at the school. One of those kids who fell under the spell of the wrestling program was John Rogers.  A strong, quick middleweight wrestler, he would prove to be a vital member of a very special team. From its inception in the early 60ís the wrestling program continued to improve and grow.













Entering the 1973 season, the tema led by John won their first meet, then two, then three.... As the wins piled up the fans flocked to the meets. By the end of the season they had done what few high school teams accomplish a perfect season going undefeated in the Suburban East Division and the State Suburban Championship. In 1974 John was named to the Suburban East All Star Team. John was also a finalist in the 1974 Rhode Island State Championship. He qualified for the New England Regional Championship where he finished 5th in New England at 167 lbs.







For the 1974 season, John was named 2nd Team All State and 1st Team All Suburban East at 167 lbs.






After high school John returned to Warren High School as the wrestling Coach in 1984, and 1986-1993. He was a founder of the Warren Wrestling Club in 1988 with his wife, Rosanne. He served as the Warren Wrestling Club President and Head Coach from 1988 to 1993.







John also played softball in the Warren Menís Softball League, playing 3rd base for the B Division Champs, NP Ferreira, in 1990.



Pictures from Hall of Fame Archives