GIL COSTA (Athlete, Class of 2018)



In 1980, Gil Costa became the Bristol County Pitch, Hit, and Run Champion when he beat out all the other 12 year-old competitors to claim the title. You would think he would have gone on to make a name for himself in baseball. Somewhere between little league and high school he changed his focus and concentrated on Soccer. During the 1985 school boy soccer season he helped lead the Warren High School Soccer Team to a Division II South co-championship. Gil was an integral part of the teamís run through the state playoffs, culminating in a Division II State Championship for the Warren High Soccer Team. Gil was named All Division II South for the 1985 soccer season.






In 1986, he combined season honors in 2 sports. In basketball, he was named All Class C-Two South. In Soccer, he was named All State and All Division Two South Forward. In 1987 he co-captained the Warren High Basketball Team. He finished the 1987 season with an All Class C Two berth.










Picture from Hall of Fame archives