CHIEF MASSASOIT (OUSEMEQUIN-YELLOW FEATHER), (Phyllis Abbruzzi Award, Class of  2018)


Periodically the Warren Athletic Hall of Fame bestows the Phyllis Abbruzzi Award on one deserving Warren resident. It is given to someone who has had a great impact on the quality of the athletic experience without ever being directly associated with any given sport. Due to recent events in town the committee realized that there was one person who transcended, not only our athletic teams, but became the symbol of our entire town, Chief Massasoit. If you read the history of Massasoit you will realize what a great man he was. He forged a lasting peace with the Pilgrims that endured for 50 years. He created an alliance that benefited both the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. The epicenter of Massasoit’s realm lay “at the confluence of 2 rivers in what is now the Town of Warren” (Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick). He is etched in the edifice of the Warren Town Hall. He is a beautiful mural, hidden for over 100 years under tin on the wall of the Old Warren Armory, recently uncovered and restored. He was the symbol of our school every sports team that ever took the field to represent the Town of Warren. He was a revered symbol, always treated with great respect, defended with honor, and worn with great pride.



Picture from Hall of Fame archives