CALEB NEVES (Athlete, Class of 2018)



Once Soccer took hold as a high school sport it started to attract many of the schools top athletes, pulling them away from other sports like football and baseball. Soccer became the sport of choice for Caleb Neves early on.

Caleb played in the School Indoor Soccer League where he was the Division One leading scorer in 1991 scoring 19 goals. In 1992 he tallied 18 goals and shared the scoring title. In 1993, playing in Division Three, he lead that division with 14 goals.




Caleb continued his soccer career at the high school level. In the 2000 high school soccer season Caleb, playing as a midfielder, was named to a 1st Team All State berth as well as being named an All Open Division Midfielder. In 2001, playing in the Delaware Under-18 Select Tournament, his team, Bayside United, won the tournament.











In 2003, his team was runner-up in the Central Connecticut North East Conference Playoff. He played in the New England Intercollegiate League All Star Game in 2005. He had 11 goals during his college career. He went on to play basketball for Dubís Deep, winning the Jackson Three on Three Tournament in 2005.







Picture from Hall of Fame archives