ALEX FISH, (Old Timer, Class of 2018, Posthumous)


The rise of Alec Fishís baseball career unfortunately, coincided with the crash of the United States economy in the 1929 Stock Market plunge. Gone was the money that funded many of the games, traveling teams, wagers etc.






But baseball played an important part during the Great Depression, which would last until the start of WW II.















Baseball provided a diversion for local folks to forget for a few hours the state of the economy and lose themselves in a Sunday afternoon baseball game. The Little World Series continued to be played throughout the depression. Gone were the major leaguers and semi-pros barnstorming for a few extra bucks. Hometown heroes took center stage and Alec Fish was one of them. He played in every Little World Series between 1929 and 1939 except for 1931. Alecís most noteworthy stats were a .417 batting average in the 1933 Series, a .333 batting average and a 1-0 record on the mound in the 1938 Series, and a .375 average in 1939 Series. He batted over .400 twice in the Twilight League and was an All Star centerfielder with a .406 average in 1933. He played center field and pitched for the champion EverReadys in the Bristol Twilight League in 1939. Like many of the men in this era, his career seemed to end in the early 1940ís when WW II interrupted many lives.


Picture from Hall of Fame archives